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GPA Teacher provides the ability to record attendance for your classes. Click on the Attendance icon from the Navigation Bar at the top of your window. You may also click on the Attendance link for one of your classes.

Taking Attendance

Every day you wish to take attendance, select the appropriate option from the dropdown boxes for each student. Attendance options include Present, Tardy, Absent, and Truant. Attendance is recorded such that you can view each student's attendance history. You may click on a student to view his or her attendance history.
To view a list of your students rather than the Seating Chart view, click on the Class Roster link from the sidebar menu on the right-hand side of your window. The same attendance options are available.

Viewing Attendance History

When you click on a student from within the Seating Chart view or the Class Roster view, you can review his or her information, as well as an attendance history, if available.