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Lesson Planner

Using GPA Teacher, you can manage and schedule your lesson plans. Click on the Planner icon from the Navigation Bar at the top of your window to get started.

Add a Lesson Plan

To create a new lesson plan, click on the Add a lesson link in the sidebar menu on the right-hand side of your window. Note that if you already have lesson plan documents (e.g. in Microsoft Word), you will be able to upload and therefore reuse these documents.
In the Lesson Planner window, enter a title for your lesson plan, then specify a date, the objectives, the unit, and the corresponding standards. You may upload a document by clicking the Browse... button, selecting a document, then clicking the Upload button. Be sure to select the class this lesson plan is designed for from the list of classes shown.
In the text area, you may type in your lesson plan. If you already have a lesson plan in another format, you can copy and paste the content into the text area. The text area also provides numerous formatting and editing features, including the ability to add images, bulleted lists, links, tables, etc.
Once you're done adding your lesson plan, be sure to click on the Add Lesson button at the bottom of the window (not shown in the screen shot below).

Viewing Lesson Plans

To review your lesson plans, you may browse the interactive calendar, use the search box above the calendar to find specific lesson plans, or click on the Calendar View or Week View links at the bottom of the sidebar menu.
Clicking on the Week View link shows your lesson plans for the given week. You may click on any day of the week to return to the full summary (shown in the screen shot above).