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A wide variety of auto-generated reports are available via GPA Teacher, including report cards, missing assignment reports, student/parent access instructions, and fill-in-the-blank reports. Click on the Reports icon from the Navigation Bar at the top of your window to get started. You may also click on the Reports link for one of your classes.
To generate a report, first specify a title for your report. Next, select the type of report, the class for which the report should be generated, and the required format (i.e. Microsoft Word or PDF). As you select a report type, a generic preview is shown on the right-hand side of your window. Once you've decided on the type of report and specified your desired options, click on the Continue button.
Depending on the type of report you select, you'll see various options to define the content. Once you select your desired options, click on the Generate button to generate your report.
Depending on your Operating System, you'll likely see a dialog box asking you whether you'd like to save the generated report or open it using Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat. In the example screen shot below, click Open to view the PDF file. Or click Save to save the file.

Providing access to students and parents

One of the key features of Reports is the auto-generated report providing students and parents access to the Grades, Attendance, Discipline, Posts, and Announcements components of GPA Teacher. To generate this report, select the Student and Parent Access Link Ids report type and click on the Continue button.
In the Student and Parent Access window, type in the password that students and parents will use to access the system. Click on the Generate button to generate the report. Note that the report includes full instructions for students and parents. As such, you may decide to generate this report using the One Page Per Student option and distribute either electronically or via printed copies.